REFUSED 20th June 2016

16th February 2016
Dear all,

RAFS is disappointed by the High Court’s Decision that the West Berks’ appeal has been dismissed especially when you gave it (and us) so much support.

Overall, we can be proud that the plan has been reduced from the original Retail Centre with Supermarket, old people’s home, public house and 360 houses to only 90 houses and the developers now have 13 extra conditions to fulfil :

1) Work not to start until details of the appearance, landscaping layout and scale (hereinafter called “the reserved matters”) submitted and approved.
2) Application for approval of 1) to be made to the planning authority in not more than three years (6th July 2018).
3) Works starts no later than two years after approval of 2).
4) Development to be in accordance with Location Plan – EMS.2458_004 A; Proposed Access Arrangements – P518/14 Rev B.
5) No more than 90 houses according to Revised Parameters Plan EMS.2458_008C.
6) Work not to start until affordable housing submitted & approved.
7) Work not to start until offsite highway improvement (Hollybush Lane Option 1 Ref. P518/18) submitted and approved by the local planning authority.
8) Work not to start until a Travel Plan, based on that submitted by PFA Consulting.
9) Work not to start until surface water drainage scheme submitted & approved.
10) No occupants until disposal of sewage plan submitted & approved.
11) Work not to start until construction management plan submitted & approved.
12) Work not to start until bird and bat boxes plan submitted & approved.
13) Work not to start until fire hydrants plan submitted & approved.

But RAFS is not dead.

In future it will ensure that all of these conditions are fully adhered to and “blow the whistle” if not.

You are all invited to keep your eyes and ears open to let us know if there is any action on the site that we have missed and if you suspect that the developers have stepped out of line.

We also look forward to the creation of a Burghfield Neighbourhood Development Plan which would have helped our cause enormously had it been there when we first started because this will help control any local developments in the future.

For those who are interested, we attach the summary judgement from the High Court giving the reasons why the challenge to the appeals officers decision was dismissed and you may draw your own conclusions from it.

It is both sad and disappointing that the developers have won this battle and whilst we must accept that we need more housing, it needs to be in the appropriate numbers and locations. Hopefully this ruling will not open the flood gates.

Thank you again for all your support over this past 3 plus years.

Kind Regards,


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Planning Granted
FIRLANDS Planning Application
90 houses called "Hollybush Oaks"
NEWS - JUNE 2015
Dear All,
It is with great disappointment that we have to advise that the appeal decision was found in favour of Pegasus - we have lost.
Outline Planning Permission has been granted for up to 90 dwellings.
Please refer to the attached notification.

Firlands Appeal Decision

We can take heart in the fact that we all had a hand in preventing the original Supermarket Scheme and likewise have helped in reducing the potential number of dwellings from the previous application by some 30%.
Due process is still required and more work to be done by Pegasus to convert the outline planning approval to full approval, so it should be some time yet before we see the first shovels breaking ground.
The Inspector did note in paragraph 66 of his report the high level of local opposition and acknowledged that there is a concern that the development could grow on the site beyond the 90 dwellings. However, he also states that he can only rule on the submission put before him. We think there is a strong likelihood that our battle will commence again at sometime in the future.
We thank all of you for your help and support over the last few years and wish you well.

Kindest of regards,

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Firlands Appeal
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Below is Sulhamstead Parish Council ObjectionStatement